Wednesday, February 26, 2014

This Program Helps Regulate Your Sleep Patterns and Makes Your Sleep More Peaceful!

Have you ever been up late on your computer and your eyes hurt? And then later when trying to fall asleep, it seems as if sleep is evading you? Well, of course, who are you guys trying to kid?! I've got just the thing! It is called flux, it syncs to your timezone and manipulates your monitor's color and brightness level to the time of day. So say if it is 11:00 PM, it will be a nice warm light, kind of a tint orange or red to be softer on your eyes. This helps you regulate your sleep patterns and makes your eyes hurt less. I love it! Here is a link to a straight download of it since I had a lot of issues with their website.!e05h3IYT!U50uPX...Y_eijYEvYKLbts

Online Virus Scan (Virus Scan)(Clean)-
Download Link (Again)-!e05h3IYT!U50uPX...Y_eijYEvYKLbts

Credit to
The creators of the this program
Bonishnock for showing me it
KingZingJ for helping identify problems with the file

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