Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Repository of AQW Bots!

Here is almost all of the bots, trainers, crackers, and username grabbers I have! And most of them are so new they haven't even been on this site before! Like Le Bot 8.3 is in there, and it is one of the newest, best AQWorlds bots out there! Be careful with some of these, they say virus because of a packet spammer and grabber they have in them, but that isn't why i'm saying be careful. Packet spamming and grabbing should ONLY be used by people who understand how to do it. But other than that, good luck and happy botting/cracking!

Download Link: Click Here to Download

This Program Helps Regulate Your Sleep Patterns and Makes Your Sleep More Peaceful!

Have you ever been up late on your computer and your eyes hurt? And then later when trying to fall asleep, it seems as if sleep is evading you? Well, of course, who are you guys trying to kid?! I've got just the thing! It is called flux, it syncs to your timezone and manipulates your monitor's color and brightness level to the time of day. So say if it is 11:00 PM, it will be a nice warm light, kind of a tint orange or red to be softer on your eyes. This helps you regulate your sleep patterns and makes your eyes hurt less. I love it! Here is a link to a straight download of it since I had a lot of issues with their website.!e05h3IYT!U50uPX...Y_eijYEvYKLbts

Online Virus Scan (Virus Scan)(Clean)-
Download Link (Again)-!e05h3IYT!U50uPX...Y_eijYEvYKLbts

Credit to
The creators of the this program
Bonishnock for showing me it
KingZingJ for helping identify problems with the file

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cracked WinRAR

Well, I haven't posted anything in forever, but I found this one REALLY helpful program called WinRAR, but it always had that annoying message! Well, with this crack, you get the full version of WinRAR free! No surveys! My little gift to my loyal fans and followers who keep coming back to check on this rusty old site. I might keep updating it with useful things so make sure to check back! And all credits to the person who cracked it and uploaded it in the first place! Enjoy! And any problems with the file just let me know so I can take it down and fix it!

WinRAR Full Version:!S1IT2Yba!UF87-K890R2A3-DojAsj0cPkD7fiBmHzDURpbUwB0e0
Version: 64 bit

AND a working Runescape bot as of 2/11/2014! Happy Botting!:!CsBSQTgY!aF3jhvB4VuF6wHmUKAQpGtWDSLW6qCG6YZSMaYvNEBc   It helps with your magic, gold, defense, basically everything!

Friday, October 25, 2013

New Blog

All of my hacking/cheating ect. will stay here, (and will still be updated, dont't worry about that!) while my new blog will be more actively updated with new content on game plays, "Let's Plays," and more! Just a lot of different gaming related things. I'll even try to do game reviews pretty soon! I hope you enjoy it, and here are the links for my new blog and Youtube channel! Thank you for everything, and I hope you continue to enjoy my content!

Blog Link: Click Here to Go to my New Blog!
Youtube Channel Link: Click Here to visit my new and great Gaming Channel on Youtube!

Friday, August 9, 2013


I am planning on expanding what my blog covers to a lot of my other interests. So this blog will still stay up, but I will probably not post here anymore, but I will post everything related to it on my new blog. I am looking to set it up more professionally too. I will try to update Platinum Bot when I have the time. The link to my new website will be posted here when it is up and running.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

AQW Platinum Bot v3.5

Here is the new version of Platinum Bot for AQWorlds. It does not have everything totally updated, but it does have a good amount of bots added. I hope you guys/girls like it! Happy Botting!

Name: Platinum Bot
Version: 3.5
Download Link: Click Here to Download
Bot List:
Alchemy Reagents
Arcangrove Rep
Chronospan Rep
DinoCaves Xp [M]
Doomwood Rep
Dwarfhold Rep
Escherion's Helm [M]
Etherstorm Rep
Etherstorm War [M]
Good and Evil, Rank 4 Needed
Horc Rep
Juggernaut Items [M]
Legion Non Soul Collector
Legion Tokens
Mythsong Rep
Sandsea Rep
Skyguard Rep [M]
Spirit Orbs
Tainted Gems
Totem Nulgath [M]
Troll Rep
Undead Pirates XP
Timeportal Gold+Xp
Dragon Talons
Elder's Blood Potion
(Partial) Fuchsia & Magenta Dyes
Obsidian Rock+Solidified Soul
ThunderForge Rep
And soon to be more!

Website Link
Load Shop
Load Bank
Load Quest
AFK Toggle
Pet Summoner
Weapon SWF Loader
Send Packet
Change Name
Mod Name
Load Hair Shop (Currently Not Working)
Badge Loader
Armor Color
Log Out
Ballyhoo rewards (Must be in Ballyhoo Map to Work)
Booster Loader (Currently Not Working)
Move to Cell+Pad
Join PvP
Chat Confirm
And hopefully more features will be on their way :D.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Platinum Bot 3.5 on its Way

It will include a lot of updated bots the the combat system will be fixed thanks to a persons help! Expect it out very soon. And I am so sorry I haven't updated it in a while I have been really busy with school, but now that school is close to over expect them to start rolling out again. Member bots might take a little longer since I am not a member anymore though.