Saturday, February 16, 2013


Is what I seem to not have on my side anymore. I'm very sorry that my computer broke, but I can't control that. And I can't control the time it takes the people who are repairing it to fix it. But soon enough ill be interning at a computer repair shop, and so if any of this happens again, I'll be able to fix it in under a week. And to a few commenters, I am not out of my league, Datapaw and mystical are retired, they dont even make bots any more, and i know know mysticals bot has the nice feature of making your own, well i released an updated and platinumized version of it, and am still giving all credits to mystical for it. I know exactly how to make the bots and how to add them, I just need my files, and my programs, which are on my computer. All I have access to, too post this is my ipad. So if me releasing anything can help any of you, or will let you give them more time, I will release it. Just ask.


  1. time is on no ones side pal and it waits for no one
    i know that data paw had a deal with artix so iam sure that he is enjoing it but is mistical realy retired?i heard that a new versoin was comin up any way i can understand what you are goin through i gota say if james hears that you are using his softwares with your name iam sure that he will not be very happy but hes got way ahead of ya
    oh and iam sure that the next versoin will be a good one of yours and can you add the evo lapruchen class bot i can giveya it if you like i dont if it works but just tell me where to send it and sorry if minded what i said earliar sorry i was just kiddin dude
    waiting for a reply
    out of LEAGUE.

  2. it the real me ok neo n goooood luck

  3. ^ Why wouldn't I be happy? You can consider him my 'pupil' :)

    1. well i knew that you to worked together in the past but i didnt knew that he was your pupil
      well can you please add the evo leprechen bot please
      and you to neo
      thanks in advance and half when the work is done(just kiddin)