Thursday, October 11, 2012


Sorry about the inactivity of this blog, but there is really nothing new to bot for on AQWorlds. Right now i'm trying to add a .dmbot loader and .xml loader to the bot, and might add some more features that you may usually see in a trainer. I am totally open for suggestions and help if you can provide it. I will be adding a new pole on the blog to the right hand side to see if you want it to have more of the features that a trainer would have. And if you have any suggestions, tips, pointers, or help, leave it in a comment on one of the pages. Thank you all for reading this, and keep on botting.

1 comment:

  1. My Suggestions

    1. Adding a Ballyhoo bot that automatically get your Gold and AC on the day.

    2. Adding a free bot maker, players can make their own bot using your bot like dark crystal shards bot and they will use your bot to use their own bot (sorry if you cant understand)

    3. Adding an auto attack with clean attacks with no things appearing like: Viper Kiss is not Ready Yet.

    I hope this helps :))

    By: Your Favourite Bot User

    PS: Thank you for Platinum Bot